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Introducing Zippy Courses

kimklassen"I wanted to offer a more professional classroom experience to my faithful students. They deserve it. Zippy made this possible. I now have a one stop classroom experience that can grow with my business. Thank you Zippy."

Kim Klassen,

Watch How Fast You Can
Build Your Online Course

I’ll go over everything that this software does, and how it does it in just a second.First, look how easy it is to put together a 4 module course with 4 lessons in each module:

Yep, that was about 60 seconds.

Before this software, putting together the “bones” of a course like this would require you to hire a third-party to set it up for you.

They’d create the pages, figure out access permissions, and then test it to see if it works. This could cost as much as $500. Or more.

But now, as you can see, you can set it all up yourself. In 60 seconds. Even I’m amazed by it… and I helped build it.

And it gets better…

Why We Built Zippy Courses


Hey, I'm Derek Halpern, the founder of Social Triggers, and one of the BIGGEST problems I had in my business was this:

"How can I create my course, and then deliver it to my students without the headaches that come with setting up software and technology?"

In short, I just wanted to create my course, and then be able to sell it to the right people.

In short, I had a course, I just wanted a piece of software that would allow me to sell and protect it…

…Without messing with complex software setups.

…Without messing with PHP, HTML, or Code of any kind.

…Without the HEADACHES!

I just wanted to create my course, sell it, and then start working with my students.

Sound familiar?

It turns out, me, you, and everyone else has these same fears and problems. And the existing software on the market was either a) too expensive, or b) too hard to use.

And that’s why I partnered with a world-class developer to create a piece of software that integrates with WordPress and your favorite third-party service providers.

(It does a whole lot more, too, as you’ll soon see)

Right now, here's a snapshot of the awesome service provider's we're compatible with:

Let Me Take You Behind The Scenes…

First, like you, I’m no technology guru…

So, while most business owners would outsource the development of software like this so they can keep the lion share of profits, I, instead, brought on a technology co-founder, Jonathan Wondrusch.

Here’s why:

I knew partnering with a tech wizard would be BEST if I wanted to create a real software company. A company that would stick around for years to come.

(I’ve fallen victim to buying software from non-software people, and the experience is always HORRIBLE. They create a plugin, sell it, and disappear. Then I’m stuck using their plugin that’s no longer supported or updated. SIGH. Well, that’s why I brought on a tech guy who has skin in the game).

That said, between the time we put into this software, the money I spent developing it, and the fact that development took almost 1 full year, it’s safe to say that I’m PUMPED to introduce it to you today. You’ll love it.

So, without further ado…


Like I said, I’m no technology guru. Back when I was just getting started with my business, I was a Do-it-Yourselfer. I couldn’t really afford to hire people to do things for me, so I wanted to just get things up and running as quickly – and cheaply – as possible.

And I found that the BIGGEST headache when setting up an online course was integrating that course with all the other things I was using to run my business.

Like my email service provider. My shopping cart. My OTHER courses.

Well, with Zippy Courses, we handle all that for you. Built right into our software are popular integrations with AWeber, MailChimp, Infusionsoft, Stripe, Paypal, and more coming soon.

And getting our software to talk to their software is a cinch. You just set a few options, and bam. You’re set.

This Software Is Easy To Use…
And It’s Great For Smart Business Owners Who Are Looking To Grow Their Business

Let me tell you why:

When I started selling online courses, I noticed a huge problem: People would buy my course, and then I’d have NO IDEA what happened next.

Sure, I could survey these people, and I did that. But you know the deal. People lie on surveys. I had questions that I wanted answered and I didn’t want to rely on surveys. Questions like:

Did my students even go through the training material? If they did, what training material did they go through? What material did they skip?

I had no idea!

That’s when I started to manually look up people by IP Address. I’d cross-reference their IP address with my stats software with the IP address they used to login to my online course website.

I wanted to see what they did in real time. I then wanted to use this data to ensure I built the best online courses on the web.

The whole process worked, but it was ridiculous. And time consuming. That’s why, when I started out building this software with Jonathan, I told him, “There are other pieces of software that help people build their online courses. I want to offer something that NO ONE ELSE offers. I want to offer smart student analytics so online course creators can see what their students do… and use that information to help their students or make their courses better.”

So we built this type of tracking functionality right into the software. You can look people up by name, and see what material they viewed, completed, or skipped. Take a look:

As far as I know, no other online course software offers extensive analytics like this. But we do. That’s because, instead of relying on a piece of software built by some technology guru that knows nothing about business, it was built by both a business guy (me) and a technology guru (Jonathan).

We wanted to help you protect your course content, and of course, help you get the data that allows you to sell more of it.


Now that I showed you the three ways Zippy Courses solves some of the most pressing problems faced by online course creators – easy setup, seamless integrations, and smart analytics – here’s what else it does:

One Universal Login For All Your Students

As I began growing my business, I started to release more and more courses. I’ve got Blog that Converts, Start Your Blog Right, Yes Engines and more in-depth information products coming every few months.

I used to set up private membership sites for all these products. And it was a nightmare.

And that’s why we ensured that this software allowed you to store all of your online courses in one system. That way people could login and see everything they bought from you… all in one place.

So, instead of having loads of domains for each course you sell, now you can create one subdomain on your main website. Something like Put a fresh WordPress installation on it, and use this WordPress plugin to create a one-stop shop for all your students and the courses / products they buy from you.

You Can Create As Many Courses As You Like Inside This One Piece Of Software

When I was building this software with Jonathan, I told him, “While I have a handful of courses right now, I may have hundreds in 10 years. We need to account for this.”

And he was like, “NO PROBLEM!”

You see, with Zippy Courses, you can create as many courses as you like. And you can manage all of them and get data on all of them.

And here’s the best part:

Maybe you’re like me, and when you sell a course, you have two different levels. One basic level, and one advanced level.

Well, built right into your course creator in Zippy Courses, you can set how many levels you want for the same course. And control the pricing, and everything.It’s all technology-idiot-friendly mainly because I’m the world’s dumbest person when it comes to technology.

(It’s a good thing that Jonathan knows what’s up, right? :-D).

Fine Tune How Your Content Gets Delivered Without Messing With Crazy Server Configurations
(cron jobs anyone? no need for that)

When you sell a course, you may want your students to get access to everything all at once. Or you may want to drip it out.

Or maybe, things are a bit more complicated. Maybe you’re launching your course over the following week, and you want your students to begin getting access to the material on a Monday.

With old course software, you’d have to create special configurations to make this all work. This was annoying to me. I’ve gotten into plenty of arguments with my server guys and developers about this and I hated it. I think my hairline receded a centimeter from this alone. Heh.

So again, we’ve got your back with Zippy Courses. We’ve got several different types of options when it comes to configuring how your course gets delivered. Here’s a link that shows you all of them in detail.

Long story short though:

  1. You can create a course that people get access to as soon as they buy it.
  2. You can create a course that gets dripped out over time.
  3. You can create what we call “custom launch windows,” which is perfect if you run a launch based business.

And more.

Now Here's The Great News...

“Okay, this plugin is GREAT. But what will my online course website look like? Do I need a custom design?”

The answer is NO.

Sure, you could create a custom design, if you want. Zippy Courses works with any well-built WordPress theme.

But if you’re looking to get this up and running as fast as possible, we're giving you two WordPress themes that work amazingly well (and look great).

And you have the opportunity to get both of these when you purchase Zippy Courses.


Note: This premium theme is only available as part of our Deluxe Package.

And remember, you don't HAVE to use our theme with Zippy Courses - you can use any well built theme, and Zippy Courses will keep on working great for you.


I’ll level with you:

If you were going to hire someone to configure these old plugins that let you create and sell online courses, the setup of the plugin alone could cost you hours or hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars…


But with Zippy Courses, our main goal was this: You invest in our software, and the plugin empowers you to do the rest. No hidden costs.

Plus, what I didn’t tell you was this:

When you get Zippy Courses, you’ll get access to our support team who will be there to help you answer any Zippy Courses related questions.

And check it:

While most WordPress plugin companies direct you to community support forums, we decided to skip all that. We’ve got email based support so you can get the personal help you deserve when setting up your online course portal.


ZippyCourses is a WordPress plugin that enables you to create - and sell - online courses with ease.

And when you get Zippy Courses, you will also get:

  1. The Zippy Courses WordPress plugin (value $199)
  2. 1 Full Year of Support and Updates (value $199)
  3. The basic ZippyCourses WordPress theme (value $99)
  4. Access to our support team to ensure a smooth set up process (value $499).

This is a total value of $996. But you’ll pay less than 1/4th of that price.

And remember: while we provide a great theme for you, ZippyCourses works with any well-built WordPress theme.


Zippy Courses Is Only $199

Get the Zippy Courses complete package for one payment of $199. This includes 1 year of support and updates. After the first year, it’s $199 per year for support and updates. Cancel at any time.

If you have any questions, email [email protected]. We’ll be standing by.