Zippy Courses: Now with Quizzes in 0.9.14

If you take a moment to look at the release notes for our brand new v0.9.14 release, the first thing that you’ll see is that Zippy Courses just delivered a HUGE request that many of you have been asking for: the ability to offer quizzes and track student performance!


  • Introduced the new Quizzes feature!
  • Removed javascript issue in Firefox and Safari causing public details options to not be invisible
  • Added encoding check for Pricing Option buy links, allowing spaces to be used in PO URLs
  • Updated Free course functionality to work more seamlessly with Infusionsoft
  • Added more robust timezone support for scheduling.
  • Updated theme customizer to support adjustment of the Post Entry Header Color attribute.
  • Added support for the Norwegian Kroner in currency settings.
  • Revised inclusion of metaboxes in admin, resulting in a faster admin editing experience.
  • Miscellaneous bugs and performance updates

The new quizzes are multiple choice only, allowing you to quickly create a quiz, and assign it to a Lesson.  Using the new Quiz options for a Lesson in the Course edit screen, you can choose which quiz people will see at the end of a lesson, and even require that they complete it before moving on to the next course.

In the admin, there’s a slight revamp of the analytics, allowing you to see not only analytics for your courses, but performance on quizzes – down to the answers given for each question, and how often each answer is given.  Now you’ll know if you’re lobbing people a softball or a pitching a doozy.

We’ve also released a minor theme patch, moving us to v0.9.9 on the Theme.

The updates should appear in your Dashboard today, but if not, you can head over to to download the files and update manually.  If you have any questions, run into any issues, or discover a bug, please reach out to