Zippy Courses v0.9.12 has been released

Version 0.9.12 is a patch release, adjusting a few of the issues discovered after our latest launch.

If you have any questions or need support upgrading to this version, please send an email to


  • Revised retrieval of Ontraport products
  • Updated handling of Pricing Option slugs and buy page visibility
  • Updated registration form login link.
  • Updated saving of widgets to remove ‘+’ in widget titles.
  • Added [password] shortcode ability to Registration email template.
  • Removed double checkmark on Completed Lessons
  • Updated links in the 404 template
  • Fixed bug where Pricing Option public visibility option would not display correclty.
  • Updated theme customizer to handle save default layouts correctly.
  • Added “Override Layout Defaults” option for post/page layouts.
  • Updated access date calculation to take tiers into better account.
  • Updated PayPal integration to handle PayPal’s changes in wake of POODLE SSLv3 issues
  • Updated a few redirects that did not function correctly when permalinks were not enabled.
  • Updated Register Before Pay redirection
  • Updated free product redirection.
  • Added notice to Course Directory template when studdent already owns a course.
  • Added [zippy_complete_lesson] shortcode, to use the Complete Lesson button within lessons.
  • Increased the width of the lesson and unit titles in admin Course editor.
  • Updated login link for Public viewing of courses.